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New Mexico Criminal Law Attorney

The Foghi Law Firm represents clients facing all types of criminal charges. The criminal justice system can be difficult to navigate and frightening for most people. Being arrested, questioned, charged, and finally put on trial is something many people have never experienced. What do you do? What should you say or not say? Can’t I just go with a Public Defender? The court is obligated to provide you with a Public Defender if you request one.

Or you can retain Boglarka Foghi, and she will be in your corner fighting for your rights, as well as giving you quality advice that comes from the years of experience.

When you’re facing a criminal charge, it can feel like nobody is on your side. The police have a crime to investigate, and they suspect you’re responsible. But, one of the basic tenets of our justice system is the belief that any individual is innocent until proven guilty. You have rights, and we’ll protect them.

Whether you’re facing a first-time DUI, or a more serious criminal charge, you need representation by an attorney who knows how the system works, and has the skills and experience to advise you and negotiate on your behalf, as well as investigate your case from a defense perspective, and argue your case in court. Boglarka Foghi is a former District Attorney who can put her experience to work for you. It’s your life we’re talking about, don’t take chances with inadequate representation. Let us review your case and defend you aggressively.